This Christmas let’s offer the gift of freedom

Did you know that 15 refugees are detained at the Mercure Hotel near Darwin Airport?

They are families, some with children who are now adults, who came to Australia in 2013 seeking protection. At that time Australia sent them to Nauru, where they have been detained and exiled until February 2020 when they were brought to Australia for medical treatment. They are now exhausted mentally and physically from this ongoing detention. The Minister for Home Affairs can release these refugees into the community. Indefinite detention is devastating. Recently, in Melbourne and Brisbane, several refugees in the same situation were released on bridging visas with work rights. However, they need initial community support to help establish themselves.

What can we do?

The Darwin community have always been strong supporters of asylum seekers and can be part of showing that Australians have a better way. Detention of refugees is cruel and harmful. We can show our support for the families to be released from Mercure by offering a home and a helping hand.
1. Please let us know if you can offer accommodation for a family of 2 to 4 adults and for how long you can offer this accommodation.
2. Please let us know if you can help out with initial support for daily needs – some basic assistance will be needed.
3. Please let us know if you can offer orientation – show these people around town and services.
4. Please let us know if you can offer a job to these people to help them get on their feet.
They are ready and willing to work and get on with their lives.

Email if you can help.