Please note the DASSAN Hardship Fund that was launched in April 2019 is now all spent. We have no funds left. We ask you to please tell anyone you know who wants monetary support from DASSAN that we cannot pay anyone now. If we can raise more money in the future we will start the Hardship Fund again, and put a notice on the DASSAN website about it again.

DASSAN was very pleased that we could give some money from the fund to assist refugees and asylum seekers through difficult times. We know money is not the answer to the very many wrongs experienced by refugees and asylum seekers under Australia’s most harsh treatment of people who come to Australia seeking asylum.

We want you to know that even though DASSAN has no money left, we are still doing everything we can to fight for change to Australia’s harsh refugee policies and laws, and to help individual refugees and asylum seekers who seek our assistance whenever and however we can. Some of the ways we provide assistance is to advocate for people with medical and immigration process issues.

Please know that DASSAN is run by volunteers who do all of this work in their spare time, and all DASSAN money is raised by donations from people who care about refugees. DASSAN does not have any connection with government, does not receive any money from government, and is not sponsored by any company. DASSAN Board and Members do not receive any money from DASSAN funds. We do this voluntary work because we want justice, freedom and a better world for all. We stand by refugees and asylum seekers and we stand by our motto, “Until we are all free, none of us are free”.