1 October Deadline

By 1 October, all asylum seekers in Australia must apply for either a Temporary Protection Visa or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa. If they do not apply by this date, then the Australian Government will deport them back to the country from which they fled persecution.


  • These people have had no chance to explain their need for protection. Asylum seekers were NOT ALLOWED to apply for protection until invited (many have been waiting several years to apply).
  • Many were not invited to apply until late 2016.


  • Applications are 40 + pages and legal assistance is ESSENTIAL.
  • All legal centres are overwhelmed with LONG WAIT LISTS for assistance.

In Darwin, these people have been living in our community for years, working, volunteering, and going to local schools with our children.


DASSAN's Response

Our advocacy team is working tirelessly to ensure that everyone seeking asylum in the Northern Territory understands how to apply and has access legal support in order to meet this deadline.

However, we strongly oppose the Immigration Minister’s announcement. This deadline has instilled fear and confusion in a community who are attempting to overcome the horror of their past and build a safe and secure future for themselves and their families. It is a blatant attempt to deny people a fair process and deny people the right to access legal support. We call on Minister Dutton to revoke the deadline and allow everyone access to legal support and interpreters.

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