2 September 2016 update – the future of DASSAN

Dear Friends, As you are likely to know, Darwin’s detention centres have now closed. You might be asking what happens to DASSAN now? We've been asking ourselves the same thing. Since its inception, DASSAN's role has been primarily to advocate for and support the large...

Utter horror unfolding in front of our eyes

Every moment that we wait is a moment when one more person might die, or one more person might cease to cope and lapse into psychosis. This is not an exaggeration. The situation is dire, and has reached crisis level. They must be brought to safety immediately. I know this, because in my role with DASSAN I speak with them on the phone regularly, and it is excruciating. Have you ever had someone cry and repeatedly beg you to do something that you have no power to do?


Submission to Australian Human Rights Commission National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention Report: Asylum Seeker Needs in the Northern Territory - Beyond 2014


Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Immigration Detention Network Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs inquiry into Australia’s Agreement with Malaysia in relation to Asylum Seekers  

31 May update

From now until the Federal election is a critical time to voice our opposition to the major parties’ asylum seeker policies. We need to let candidates know this issue will be central to deciding our votes, and put forward clear and humane alternatives. We can also let those around us know why this is an important issue, what the real story is, and what the alternatives are.