Use your voice to make a difference this election

From now until the Federal election is a critical time to voice our opposition to the major parties’ asylum seeker policies.

We need to let candidates know this issue will be central to deciding our votes, and put forward clear and humane alternatives. We can also let those around us know why this is an important issue, what the real story is, and what the alternatives are.

Email or phone your local Federal politicians and candidates, tell them what you think of their party’s policies, and tell them the alternatives. Here are some ideas for questions you can ask them.

In Darwin:

Natasha Griggs (Member for Solomon)
Ph: 8981 3434
Warren Snowdon (Member for Lingiari )   Ph: 8952 9696
Nigel Scullion (Senator – CLP) Ph 89483555
Malarndirri McCarthy (ALP Candidate for Senate)
Luke Gosling (ALP Candidate for Solomon)
0488 484 689
Todd WIlliams (Greens Candidate for Soloman)
Contact local media 
Write a letter to the Editor or text the NT News (0428 686 397) and call in to local radio.
Correct people when they get the facts wrong
•   When you see or hear incorrect statements like ‘they get free houses, TVs, more money than pensioners’ etc – correct them. Many people don’t know the truth. There is no need to call the writer racist or question their intelligence.
•   If you meet a politician (doorknocking or in public) tell them what you think about the major parties policies that demonise asylum seekers who come by boat.
•   Talk to your family, friends and workmates and share these facts widely. Share your own experiences of interacting with refugees and asylum seekers. Keep yourself well informed to put the case more clearly and effectively.

Fight back with facts – see our Mythbusters page for some quick points you can use to respond to common statements.