Campaign of compassion

Offshore immigration detention has failed: it has caused inordinate suffering of innocent people at a huge expense to Australian tax payers and brought shame to our country.
As the Australian Federal election grows closer, now is the time to stand up and be counted. We need our politicians to know that Australians are committed to fairness, compassion and justice for all.

As a symbol of your support for asylum seekers we would like to invite you to join us by wearing a ribbon of support.
The ribbons are:
2 Black (Nauru + Manus)
1 Light Blue (Hope)

We asked the children on Nauru and the men on Manus Island what colours they would like people to wear to show their support. Black was the colour they chose. We have added Blue as a symbol of hope.

You can get a ribbon from the DASSAN stall at Nightcliff markets on Sunday or make your own.