Australian policy has exiled asylum seekers and refugees since 19 July 2013 to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Nauru, where they are held involuntarily and indefinitely in harsh and dangerous conditions.

Twelve men have died.

Suicide ideation is widespread, suicide attempts are frequent, everyone is physically and mentally unwell.

Australia’s continuation of the ‘offshore processing’ regime contravenes the UN 1948 Universal Declara- tion of Human Rights & 1951 Refugee Convention.

Please sign the petition calling for the closure of the detention centres, and removal of all refugees and asylum-seekers to safety.


You can print petition and ask everyone to sign it. Then please express post original signed pages to arrive by 23 January 2019, to: DASSAN, PO Box 1695, Nightcliff NT 0814.
DASSAN will submit this petition to the Australian Parliament when it next sits, scheduled for 13 February 2019.
Your signature on this petition will count as one more voice for change. Please do it!